About us

Founded in 2001, “Mezhtrans Moldova” SRL, trading under the brand Eco Center, has since grown to become a reliable and innovative manufacturer and supplier of pheromone lures and a variety of traps, that are essential components of integrated pest management (IPM). 

Benefits of using Eco Center products:
•    Eco Center synthesizes over 200 types of pest pheromones;
•    Traps and pheromone lures can be used both as a pest monitoring tools and as a pest mass-capture devices;
•    Eco Center products ensure efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly pest management; 
•    Best Pest control choice for organic farming;
•    Possibility to minimize the use of pesticides;
•    Due to the specificity of the products, there are almost no impacts on non-target organism as pollinators and others;

Having merged scientific and business knowledge, as we further develope new products and enhance already existing products, enabled Eco Center to deliver a wide variety of efficient products, striving to become our customers’ first choice.

Published on 28.11.2022