About us

Founded in 2001, “Mezhtrans Moldova” SRL, trading under the brand Eco Center, has since grown to become a reliable and innovative manufacturer and supplier of pheromone lures and a variety of traps, that are essential components of integrated pest management (IPM).

At the moment Integrated Pest management (IPM) is the best bet in the fight to keep volumes of production up and minimize overall environmental, economic and health risks. As a part of IPM, pheromone traps can be used both as monitoring tools and as mass trapping devices, which will provide effective, fairly inexpensive and most important environmentally friendly means to phase out the use of some pesticides. 

Having merged scientific and business knowledge, as we further develop new products and enhance already existing products, enabled Eco Center to deliver a wide variety of efficient products, striving to become our customers’ first choice.


Published on 02.01.2023