Beware of the rapeseed pests from the first steps!

Rapeseed is a big source for production vegetable oil of the best quality, biodiesel or is used as fodder for animal feed. Being a plant with a lot of nutrients, it becomes also a source of food for many pests.

Monitoring crop pests is crucial in making decisions about pest control measures.

To monitor and detect rapeseed pests in the spring, it is recommended to use pheromone traps, which facilitate not only the identification of pests, but also the location and severity of infestations.

In April, Blossom feeder (Epicometis (tropinota) hirta) begins its flight, attacking the rapeseed plant and other flowering plants, as well as the fruit trees.

A solution for monitoring and capturing this pest is to use the set consisting of the EC Field trap with the pheromone lure Epicometis (tropinota) hirta.

This trap is designed specifically for mass capture and monitoring of Blossom feeder and works in combination with pheromone lure, which is harmless to humans, the environment and pollinators.

Published on 27.04.2022