Cherry fruit fly - prevention and control

The cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi) is a highly destructive pest of cherries.
Damage to the cherries is caused by larval feeding in the fruit pulp, which results in the brown rotten spots on the fruits. The pits of affected fruits can be easily removed or pushed out as the fruit pulp is damaged.
If the infestation with these pests is left uncontrolled, up to 100% of fruits can be infested.
To effectively control cherry fruit flies, Eco Center proposes to use the following products to monitor pest emergence and capture this pest:

Peak emergence of Rhagoletis cerasi often occurs in mid-May.
And it is better to act before the oviposition starts, before the ripening period of the cherries.

Preemptive actions like use of monitoring traps are very helpful, as it ensures a rich and healthy harvest!

Published on 21.04.2023