ECO solutions to get rid of household pest insects

The most effective products to control pest infestations in your home, without resorting to chemicals, are pheromone traps. With their help, insects are detected in time and can be easily captured.
Eco Center has a wide range of traps for household insects, specially designed to keep the house clean, and free it from these “unwanted housemates”!
Whether it's the pantry moth, the clothes moth, the house fly or the kitchen cockroach, their presence creates discomfort when they appear in the house!
Eco Center products offer the possibility to control and monitor these insects through non-toxic, odorless, effective and environmentally safe ways.

  -  Pantry Pure Moth Trap

  -  Pure Suit moth trap

  -  Pure Catch Cockroach Trap

  -  EC Fly trap

  -  Pure De-Fence Mosquito Repellents: PURE DE-FENCE Classic, PURE DE-FENCE Baby, PURE DE-FENCE Extreme, Pure DE-FENCE Garden.


Published on 08.05.2023