Efficiency of pheromone traps for summer fruit tortrix

During the warm period of the year, spring, summer and autumn, crops are subject to certain processes and environmental factors, both favorable and unfavorable. Fruit tree orchards are of a significant importance for the Republic of Moldova. From flowering to harvest, numerous pests are encountered in orchards, including the summer fruit tortrix - Adoxophyes orana.

The larva attacks numerous species of fruit trees (such as apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum, etc.), as well as some forest species (maple, beech, hornbeam, birch, etc.). The flight of these pests begins in May, hence the specialists of Eco Center installed Delta Paper set for Adoxophyes orana to monitor its population.

The Delta trap is suitable for catching and monitoring a variety of insect pests in an efficient and non-toxic way. Placing pheromonal traps is the first important step in monitoring the pest. The pheromone lure works for 4-6 weeks, it can vary depending on the climate.

The efficiency of the pheromone trap is visible after its installation. The traps in question, were placed on 1st of May, the first results were observed on 2nd of June, due to the fact that the mass flight of the first generation began, and due to climatic conditions, the traps were removed later according to the required period, on 10 June.

Eco Center experts analyzed all these 3 stages from installation and respectively monitoring of the moth with the help of the Delta paper set for Adoxophyes orana, which allowed to timely inform the domestic producers to take additional control measures against these pests. Eco Center products are absolutely necessary for all farmers who intend to harvest BIO fruits and vegetables.

Published on 05.08.2022