July 12 - Fruit Day 2024

At the upcoming Fruit Day exhibition, attendees from multiple countries, including Romania, Poland, Italy, Germany, and France, will gather.

Organizers highlight that fruit growers will gain insights into:

  • Effective solutions for orchard protection against diseases and pests.
  • Machinery and innovations for mechanized work, including harvesting processes.
  • Modern irrigation systems and water treatment.
  • Solutions for post-harvest fruit storage and handling.
  • Packaging and fruit certification systems.

Fruit Day serves as a distinctive platform for presenting agricultural innovations. 
Organized by Moldova Fruct Association and the USAID Moldova Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Activity, the event will be held at VelFruct-Prim's orchard. 

Eco Center is a partner of the Fruit Day exhibition in 2024. 
Be sure to mark your calendar and seize the opportunities of this event!

Published on 26.06.2024