Pure De-Fence Garden, keep mosquitoes and other insects away!

A series of Eco Center's wide range of products are intended for household pests, with them you can easily protect your home from unwanted insects.

Eco Center comes with an innovative product, Pure DE-FENCE Garden, it is a repellent in granules intended for use on terraces, picnic areas, fishing or camping. The product is biodegradable, safe for the environment and is an environmentally friendly alternative to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Pure DE-FENCE Garden is easy to use. Distribute the granules evenly along the perimeter of the terrace, picnic area, camping, etc., apply 10-20 granules per square meter. This product provides 6-8 hours of protection! Unused granules must be stored in the original sealed packaging.

Eco Center is a Moldovan company that manufactures eco products, specially created for the protection from pest insects.   

Published on 07.06.2023