The EC Fruit Fly Trap Tops Eco Center's Product List

The cherry fruit fly is a dangerous pest that attacks fruit through its larvae, destroying the flesh around the pit. It has one generation per year and overwinters as pupae in the soil's superficial layer beneath tree canopies. Adults emerge about a month before cherries and sour cherries ripen. According to experts, the challenge in combating this pest lies in using effective methods during the ripening period that do not leave residues.

A safe and environmentally friendly method is the EC Fruit Fly Trap, used in combination with the Rhagoletis cerasi attractant.



Denis Vornices,
the Administrator of Agrodenidan SRL

Denis Vornices, confirmed that they used EC Fruit Fly traps last year for cherry pests and achieved an ecological and high-quality yield. Thanks to these traps, Agrodenidan reduced two treatments during the ripening period, avoiding residues and meeting quality standards. Therefore, this year, their cherry orchards are again protected from harmful insects with Eco Center products.



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Published on 27.05.2024