Tomato leafminer – Tuta absoluta, a danger to Tomato Crops!

At the beginning of each season, it is very important to protect tomato crops from dangerous pests such as Tuta absoluta. Tomato leafminer can destroy a tomato plantation in a open field and greenhouses in a matter of a couple of days, so it is essential to know how this pest can be detected in a timely manner and captured starting from the planting of the seedling.

This moth of tomatoes begins its activity in greenhouses, when the temperatures are above 9 °C, so in the closed or semi-closed space the tomato leafminer can have more than 10 generations per year. This pest insect can be easily detected visually by mines on damaged leaves, stems and fruits.

A great tool for monitoring and capturing tomato pests are pheromone traps - Eco Center.


Delta Paper is suitable for capturing and monitoring a variety of harmful insects in an efficient and non-toxic manner.

Deploying pheromone traps - is the first important step in detecting and monitoring the pest - Tuta absoluta. But as with all diseases, the prevention of tomato infestation with Tuta absoluta is better than doing damage control, so we recommend to use our mating disruption dispensers - Tuta Protect, which prevent the copulation of insects, in a environment - friendly way. Mating disruption products provide up to 180 days of protection from Tuta absoluta.






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Published on 18.04.2022