Pantry Pure Trap (6 pcs.)


Pantry Pure™️ Moth Trap (EN)
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Pantry Pure Trap (6 pcs.)

Small Delta Trap comes in the same widely known design, made out of the biodegradable cardboard, pre-coated with an entomological adhesive, mixed with pheromones. It is suitable for trapping and monitoring  of Plodia interpunctella,Tineola bisselliella, allowing users to assess risks to crop and need for supplementary  pest management action.

Category: Household
SKU: ec0703066-2

Product Description

Pantry Pure™ Moth Trap comes in the pack of 3 or 6 traps, easy in use and setup, suitable for trapping pantry moths such as Indian meal moth (Plodia interpunctella) and Cacao moth (Ephestia elutella).

Pantry Pure™ Moth Trap is made from biodegradable cardboard, pre-baited with a non-toxic pheromone formula mixed with entomological adhesive, safe for your pantry, pets and environment.