Pure DE-FENCE Garden


Pure DE-FENCE Garden (EN)
Pure DE-FENCE Garden (RO)
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Pure DE-FENCE Garden

Granular repellent for campsites, backyards, patios and picnic areas etc. Provides protection against
mosquitoes, mites, gnats, midges, horseflies and other insects

Category: Household

How to use

Evenly distribute the granules along the perimeter of the campsite, backyard, patios, etc, sprinkle 10-20 pellets per each square meter. Provides 6-8 hours of protection. Unused pellets must be stored in the original, tightly closed packaging.


Keep the repellent our of children’s reach, store it in places protected from direct sunlight, separately from drugs and food products.


Do not ingest. In case of ingestion – call the ambulance.