Tuta absoluta lures + Delta paper trap 300+300

Tuta absoluta lures + Delta paper trap 300+300

Tuta absoluta Delta Paper Trap kit is suitable for trapping and monitoring tomato leafminers, in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way,  allowing users to assess risks to crop and need for supplementary pest management actions.
 This kit includes Delta Paper trap (made out of biodegradable cardboard), double-sided sticky insert, wire hangers and Tuta absoluta lure. 
Replacement lures and sticky inserts can be bought separately. 
The lures in the traps must be replaced every 4-6 weeks to keep attraction rates high. 

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Product Description

Tuta absoluta Delta Trap Set includes 5 Delta traps, with adhesive inserts and 5 pheromone lures for tomato leafminer. It is the perfect set to monitor pest emergence and to assess risks to crops, therefore determining the necessity of additional pest control measures and the best timing for them.

Using such pheromone monitoring tool is an economic, environmentally sound approach to pest management.

Shelf life - up to 2 years (optimum conditions).