Cydalima perspectalis

Cydalima perspectalis

Short pest overview:

This moth is a species of moth of the family Crambidae. Young larvae only eat the upper part of the leaf, leaving the hardest inside structure. The leaves are not destroyed completely but appear as “peeled” in small parallel beats lines, or almost completely. These peeled leaves eventually die. Old larvae are the most damaging: they massively and completely eat the leaves, sometimes leaving a thin part at the contour and centre of the leaf, however.

Geographic Distribution:

The box tree moth is native to Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Far East Russia and India. It has invaded Europe. Also found in Canada.

Life Cycle:

In Western Europe, Cydalima perspectalis develops two to three yearly generations. At least three generations are observed in Southern Europe and the Caucasus. In Asia, 3-4 generations are observed, from April/May to September, depending on climatic conditions.