Diabrotica virgifera

Diabrotica virgifera

Short pest overview:

This insect is one of the most devastating corn rootworm species especially in the corngrowing areas. Diabrotica can destroy significant percentages of corn if left untreated. Most of the damage to corn is caused by larval feeding. Hatchlings locate roots and begin feeding on the fine root hairs, burrowing into root tips.


Geographic Distribution:

This pest has a widespread distribution, being found North America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

Life Cycle:

One generation emerges each year. Larvae have brown heads and a brown marking on the top of the last abdominal segment, giving them a double-headed appearance. For the emergence of first-instar larvae, a temperature of above 11°C is needed. After feeding for several weeks, the larvae dig a cell in the soil and molt into the pupal stage.