Orthotomicus erosus

Orthotomicus erosus

Short pest overview:

Bark beetles (Coleoptera; Curculionidae; Scolytinae) have been documented as a relevant ecological and economic factor in ecosystem functioning and their activity can indicate the health condition and vitality of forests. They are also very important forest pests that can cause serious dieback of forests on huge areas and enormous wood volume loss.

Geographic Distribution:

Orthotomicus erosus, Mediterranean pine engraver, is widely distributed across the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Life Cycle:

Orthotomicus beetles rarely attack healthy trees. Most problems with Orthotomicus occur to newly transplanted pines or when plants are under stress. Orthotomicus erosus complete their life cycle in 25 days. Several generations (up to 8) of Orthotomicus erosus can occur in a season.