Spodoptera litura

Spodoptera litura

Short pest overview:

It is a nocturnal moth in the family Noctuidae. Spodoptera litura is a serious polyphagous pest. Its common names reference two of the most frequent host plants of the moth. In total, 87 species of host plants that are infested by Spodoptera litura are of economic importance. The species parasitize the plants through the larvae vigorous eating patterns, oftentimes leaving the leaves completely destroyed.

Geographic Distribution:

Spodoptera litura is the most common in South Asia. However, its natural range extends from the Oriental and Austral-Asian areas to parts of the Palearctic region as well. The countries with the most widespread population of Spodoptera litura include but are not limited to China, Indonesia, India, Japan, and Malaysia.

Life Cycle:

Although the length of a life cycle varies slightly throughout the different regions, a typical Spodoptera litura will complete from 4-12 generations every year.